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The Beijing Huahai Jiye Technology Incubator is the only professional incubator for the digital entertainment industry in Beijing and serves as a national high-tech innovation service center. It has cumulatively incubated nearly 200 high-tech enterprises, achieved a tax of over RMB 100 million, and made outstanding contributions to promoting the CRD construction of Shijingshan District. This incubator was once awarded such honorable titles as "Contributing Unit in the Promotion of the Beijing Digital Entertainment Industry Demonstration Base", "Top 10 Outstanding Scientific and Technological Intermediaries of Beijing", etc.



Having consolidated resources from hundreds of financial institutions, "San Ren Xing Entrepreneurship" hosts monthly entrepreneurial events to educate founders on the basics of venture capital, helping them discover the latest financing trends, and explore new channels for fundraising. The events work to connect qualified projects and founders with the right investors and mentors. Furthermore, "San Ren Xing Entrepreneurship" facilitates international collaboration and has formed a unique international business model.

Beijing Hanhai Runze Technology Park

Oriented to digital media, Beijing Hanhai Runze Technology Incubator is the first national digital media high-tech innovation service center of China. This incubator takes full advantage of preferential policies for high-tech industries while holding a good industry orientation. In addition, it combines brand building and the construction of a modern technological environment to make the digital media industry another new economic growth point of Beijing.

Beijing Hanchao Dacheng Technology Park(Hanhai Technology Building)

Beijing Hanchao Dacheng Technology Incubator is the only professional incubator for the traditional Chinese medicine industry in Beijing and a national high-tech innovation service center. It has cumulatively incubated over 150 enterprises. The incubator has won such awards as the "Private Technology Advanced Award" and the "Private Technology Contribution Award". This incubator has established a construction demonstration base as a national, comprehensive, and developing TCM reform pilot area and provided a strong incubation support for TCM research, development, and innovation in Beijing as well as the whole county.

Beijing Hanhai Bozhi Technology Park

Oriented to film and television media, the Beijing Hanhai Bozhi Technology Incubator is located in the prime location of the international media industry agglomeration area in CBD of Beijing, rising within an advantageous supporting environment of regional industry. Depending on the professional management personnel of the technology incubators, this incubator has attracted, incubated, and boosted a large number of film and television media companies and made a positive contribution to regional economic development.


Hanhai International Building Is located at No. 13 Jiuxlanqiao Road Chaoyang District. As the business center of Chaoyang Park of Zhongguancun下ethnology Park, the Building enjoys Zhongguancun preferential policies and focuses on gathering new strategic emerging industries, such as technology R&D, Internet Plus, e-commerce, AI electronic Information,  for  the   purpose  of  contributing  to  the enterprise development and industry promotion of Chaoyang, even Beijing.

Hanhai (Hangzhou) Cross-border Entrepreneurship Center

Hanhai (Hangzhou) Cross-border Entrepreneurship Center is an important part of Hanhai global innovation ecosystem which plays a role as an incubation and acceleration platform for high-tech international talents and companies. We provide support and solutions for companies in the digital economy, health tech, cultural & creative, and intelligent manufacturing industries and introduce them to launch and localize in China. Through our expertise and global network of resources & acceleration platforms, we not only help our clients explore the good opportunities to grow their business in China, but also help them navigate all the complexities of developing a potential market.

Hanhai (Foshan) International Innovation Center

Hanhai (Foshan) International Innovation Center, located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, focuses on the global development and innovation service for SME.

Hanhai International Innovation Center (Wuqing)

Hanhai International Innovation Center (Wuqing)  is located in Wuqing District,Tianjin, providing incubation and resource docking sevices for enterprises in big data-based intelligent industries such as medical and entertainment data.

Hanhai International Innovation Center (Jiaxing)

Hanhai  International Innovation Center (Jiaxing) is located in Jiaxing, Jiangsu Province, aiming to provide international and professional services to companies through its whole life cycle with cultural and creative industry, electronic information and intelligent manufacturing as its pillar industries.

Hanhai (Wuxi) Life Science International Innovation Harbor

Hanhai (Wuxi) Life Science International Innovation Harbor is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. It focuses on leading industries such as biomedical, medical device and precision medicine, and accelerate enterprises  growth in a global and professional perspective.